Building trust into our process.

Ask your current CBD provider for testing and see how they compare to our products.  The majority of what you will find on the market today is harshly extracted using butane, pentane, hexane or ethanol or uses isolate to compensate for inferior plant material. We know what makes our products work and why others don't. Our proprietary extraction method retains more of the plants beneficial components. Our plant material is grown right here in Colorado and our extract is tested through Metrc state licensed facilities.  These labs utilize HPLC (High Pressure Liquid Chromatography) to produce the most accurate and verifiable test results. 

*These are examples of the testing we complete on all of our products. Our Library of testing is far to large to post on the site right now.
*If you require testing for any of our products please E-mail with the lot # of the product in question and we will provide you the testing.

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