"There has to be a better way..."

The concept that defines Herbal Fracture today was originally thought up in 2008 by a bio-engineering student at Purdue University.  Tim knew then that there had to be a better method of extraction that did not include the use of harmful solvents.  Tim has since earned his masters and set his sights to develop that extraction method even further.  Early this year we launched a full line of products rich in CBD and other helpful cannabinoids.  The launch has been met with accelerated growth as Colorado retailers have graciously welcomed our products into their stores. Without marketing, our business has grown through referrals from happy customers alone!

We now work directly with Veterinarians, Pain Management Specialists, Herbalists, and Retail Shops to formulate the specific products they need to meet demand.

We are testing new product and expanding to new places every day. Contact us to formulate your own product or to become a vendor!


 Herbal Fracture CBD Tincture

 Sung-Ting Tim Chen Herbal Fracture

"Tim"Sung-Ting Chen:

Tim is a Bio-engineer with a Masters in Global Entrepreneurship from Purdue University. He conceived the idea for Herbal Fracture and explored it further during his international studies. After graduation he decided to pursue his dream of building this business and Herbal Fracture was born.


 Landon J. Wagner Herbal Fracture

Landon Wagner:

Landon is a creative inventor with several entrepreneurial successes. He spent several years working for and managing automotive and industrial operations across the country. He's studied and worked alongside botanical extraction experts for the last few years. Constantly learning from experts in the THC, CBD, and essential oil industries helps to keep us at the leading edge

  Hunter Crisler Herbal Fracture

Hunter Crisler:

Hunter is an entrepreneur from Jackson, MS and a current graduate student at Colorado State University. He has helped grow businesses in a variety of industries since his move to Colorado in 2012. He is a motorcycle enthusiast, adrenaline junkie and is passionate about finding solutions to meet our customers needs.

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